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    Working From Home

    Working From Home (WFH) Tips

    Measures to flatten the curve against COVID-19 have many people working from home who have never done so before. The adjustment to working from home can be difficult, I’ve worked from home for several years in my career and these are some helpful #wfh tips.

    Keep with your morning routine

    Rolling out bed and checking email on your phone while still in your pajamas may seem like an enticing way to work, but it’s too easy to lose focus and productivity when doing this. When working from home it’s important to be able to transition yourself into your work mindset in the morning. This starts with maintaining your morning routine. Get up, shower, get dressed, have your coffee, etc. You’ll find it easier to get into work mode when you’ve gotten yourself ready as you normally would.

    Create a dedicated workspace

    Even if you don’t have a separate room for use as a home office it’s important to create a workspace for yourself. This will help you maintain focus and reinforce your new routine. Whether it’s a desk in the corner of your bedroom or the dining room table set aside a space to work and equip it with what you need such as your laptop, phone chargers, pens and paper, etc. You don’t want to go hunting for things when you need them. Likewise keep that area clear of distractions like the household bills or the kids’ homework.


    Use headphones

    Using headphones while on calls and video conferences can help block out distractions whether it’s the gardener’s leaf blower or the kids being homeschooled in the living room.


    Avoid distractions

    It can be tough with the news these days fighting for our attention but avoid the distractions of the TV and social media. These are easy ways to get sidetracked.

    Keep to a schedule

    Again you are trying to create a routine, and that means more than just being at your desk each morning. Take time for yourself as well, eat lunch away from your workspace and take breaks to go for a walk around the block.

    Avoid work creep

    Another part of keeping to a schedule is avoiding work creep. It’s easy to lose track of time and just keep working throughout the evening. A routine here can help you mentally switch off from work mode. End the day with a signoff email or IM to your boss or co-workers, or take the dog for a walk. Whatever it is signal to yourself that the workday has finished.

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