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    The recruitment process is simple and effective. Our consultants will meet with you and any members of your existing team to discuss your needs. From security, to discretion, to the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of the men and women who will be managing your home, our team will develop a lean, efficient roster of the various talent required to keep your residence running smoothly and effectively. After developing a cost-effective pricing strategy, our onboarding team will begin our talent search, prepare a short-list for presentation, and initiate our background check process to select not only the safest and most reliable staff but also the most experienced and competent in the marketplace.

    At Staffing Properties, we recognize the sincere importance of turning various talents across the entire spectrum of Estate Management into one, cohesive team – after all, this team will form the basis of the security, efficiency and simplicity of your family’s at-home life. While other agencies focus on simply hiring staff, we focus on building a team that truly and cohesively understands their professional purpose of supporting you, your goals, and your family in their day-to-day lives. That’s the Staffing Properties difference.

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