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    Meet Staffing Properties: Jeff Paul

    Jeff has been in the recruitment industry since 2005 building and developing recruiting teams for some of the larger firms in the industry prior to joining Sam to help launch Staffing Properties. Jeff recruiting philosophy is that you need to invest the time to thoroughly understand the requirements and expectations of both the client and the candidate in order to properly consult with both on making a the proper placement.

    How did you start working in recruitment?

    I was making a career transition and met a manager with Robert Half who preferred to hire people with no recruitment experience and teach them the industry from the ground up. From the start I enjoyed working with both clients and candidates.

    What do you enjoy most about your job?

    Working with clients to understand what defines success for the, and then partnering with them to find talented individuals who have not only the right skills and experience but are a cultural for the client as well.

    What’s your favorite vacation destination?

    I am ready to travel internationally at the drop of a hat, and my favorite destination is usually the one that I’m going to next. Among the places I’ve already been some of my favorites include Barcelona, Kyoto, and Rome.

    What’s your favorite spot in Los Angeles?

    To me the best thing about living in Los Angeles is taking advantage of the 300 days of sunshine we get every year to enjoy an active. Some of my favorite spots are hiking Portuguese Bend in Palos Verdes or Temescal Canyon in the Pacific Palisades.

    Tell me about one embarrassing work situation?

    As a recruiter you should never assume that people have the same level of understanding of how to present themselves in an interview as you do. Be thorough in your instructions to your candidates unless you enjoy receiving phone calls from your clients asking you
    why you thought sending someone wearing a bare midriff top to an executive assistant interview was appropriate.

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