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    Meet Staffing Properties: Carrie Terrell

    Los Angeles Native Carrie Terrell has been a professional Nanny for over 30 years working for many high profile clients. Carrie has a thorough understanding of the needs and commitment required to be an outstanding Nanny. In addition, Carrie also has extensive experience working collaboratively with house staffs, personal assistants, chefs and personal security that ensures all needs are taken care of within a household.​

    How did you start working in recruitment?

    Working as a Nanny, I formed strong bonds with other Nannies, and developed a strong understanding of how best to work with families. Over the years, many neighborhood families have requested that i help them with referrals to meet their needs. I have had the opportunity to place Nannies just by word of mouth.

    What do you enjoy most about your job?

    I enjoy meeting and interviewing qualified candidates and placing them in their dream job. I like networking and meeting new people and understanding their needs. Placing a candidate with a matched family is very rewarding, I get a lot of pleasure knowing that children will be taken care of and the families needs have been meet.

    What’s your favorite vacation destination?

    My favorite vacation destination is New York. I enjoy the hustle and bustle, the museums, the theater and the beautiful sunsets.

    What’s your favorite spot in Los Angeles?

    My favorite spot in Los Angel;es is Malibu. I love the beach, the close-knit community and the sunsets.

    Tell me about one embarrassing work situation?

    When kids used to tell me they want me to be their Nanny in front of their own Nannies.

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