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    Is working from home working for you?

    Working from home was not an option for most of us before 2020. The friends I had that did have flexible working hours and days were always looked upon by me as the lucky ones. All of a sudden most...

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    Starting a New Business During COVID-19

    I have been thinking of starting my own recruitment company for many years, but I couldn’t muster the courage to actually give it a go. Last year I finally decided it was the right time as I had est...

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    Tips for Video Interviews

    While we are operating under safer at-home conditions many employers have moved job interviews from in-person to video interviews. If you have never done a video interview or even if you have some exp...

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    Tips for Parents and Nannies

    Tips for Parents and Nannies A few ideas to make this trying time a bit easier for you and your young children While the coronavirus is spreading throughout the world, understandably, parents might ...

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    Working From Home

    Working From Home (WFH) Tips Measures to flatten the curve against COVID-19 have many people working from home who have never done so before. The adjustment to working from home can be difficult, I...

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    Meet Staffing Properties: Carrie Terrell

    Los Angeles Native Carrie Terrell has been a professional Nanny for over 30 years working for many high profile clients. Carrie has a thorough understanding of the needs and commitment required to be ...

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    Meet Staffing Properties: Jeff Paul

    Jeff has been in the recruitment industry since 2005 building and developing recruiting teams for some of the larger firms in the industry prior to joining Sam to help launch Staffing Properties. Jeff...

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    Meet Staffing Properties: Sam Palmer

    Meet Staffing Properties: Sam Palmer Introducing our team we are talking to Staffing Properties CEO & Founder Sam Palmer. Originally from London Sam has worked within the recruitment industry sin...

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    Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

    Most homebuyers start the process anxious, excited, nervous, and some are downright terrified. It’s natural. A home is the largest and most expensive purchase that most people will make in a lifetim...

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