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    Heralding from London, and having spanned the globe from Australia to Monaco and beyond, Sam brings a unique worldly presence to the Partridge Estates Group.

    With a primary career based in recruitment and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Sam was amply placed to embark on a new chapter.

    His unique, and likely unmatched, home life has afforded him the opportunity to inhabit not only one, but three $100M+ properties.

    It was during this time, while residing with his fiancée, in the storied Spelling Manor (a true legacy estate once sold by Hilton & Hyland for a record $119M) that he identified the huge gap in the market for staffing luxury private residences. 'Staffing Properties' founded in 2019, and born from his own needs and experiences, became the true connoisseurs of Estate Management and remains the leading all-encompassing staff agency in Los Angeles.

    After time spent in Europe and the US, Sam's international reach and connections, both personally and via the workplace, sets him apart from other agents.

    And it is these experiences that now lend themselves to luxury real estate.

    Sam currently residing in Brentwood, is a Father of four, devoted partner to Petra Eccleston and an avid West Ham United supporter.

    WhyWe Exist

    Price Gouging

    The unfortunate truth across many industries is that there is an assumption in the world of Estate Management that the bigger the home, the bigger the wallet. As such, especially living in a nearly 60,000 sq. ft. home, our founder is especially used to hearing one price over the phone, and then watching that number magically double, triple, or even quadruple after the agent drives through the front gates. Sam’s family is used to viewing all pricing with a critical eye. Given the assumptions in the industry, when one is perceived as having unlimited payroll price gouging often occurs. It is this scrutiny and understanding of the true costs of the various services a home and family needs that allows us to provide truly cost-effective, fair pricing for our clients. If we wouldn’t pay it, we don’t expect you to.

    Unqualified Staff

    It is the promise of every agency in the Estate Management industry to provide their clients with top-notch butlers, housekeepers, drivers, security, and every member of staff imaginable. The sad truth, however, is that often times, the brokers at these agencies have never truly lived with staff themselves, and they don’t understand the nuances of everything from privacy and personal space, to the level of service required to truly make the client’s at-home life as seamless as it possibly can be. All of our founders have had to deal with the unfortunate and difficult act of terminating a team member’s employment, but it’s lead each and every one of us to having a better understanding of the preliminary signs of a bad fit, so that we can take pre-emptive actions to avoid picking the wrong people. If we wouldn’t hire them for our own homes, we don’t expect you to.

    Safety & Security

    Nowadays, a clean return of a background check simply isn’t enough anymore to ensure that you’re letting the right people into the most intimate setting of your world – your home. Our team has experienced first-hand every nightmare scenario imaginable; from theft, to privacy concerns, to in-fighting and team discourse. Our process of vetting the talent we assign to our clients’ homes is rigorous and thorough, and is the only methodology we trust for a celebrity, high net worth person, or the children and families of our clients. If we wouldn’t feel safe with them in our own homes, we don’t expect you to.

    Lean Talent

    A common flaw our management has seen both in our personal lives, and in the Estate Management staffing industry in general, is the creation of huge teams that have dozens of redundancies that can cost the client tens of thousands of dollars per year – or even per month. There is a misconception that bigger is always better when it comes to a Estate Management team – we believe this to be fundamentally untrue. While we do work with many clients who live in massive homes with massive upkeep and a true need for a large staff, one of our unique abilities related to our experience is our deep understanding of efficiency. Our goal is to develop a lean team, where no team member is left without a true purpose or function due to redundancies in staffing. On the flip side, we’re also well-versed enough to understand when a team is too small for the client’s needs – with a driver doing the dog-walking and a housekeeper doing the cooking. We know how to build a team that is appropriately sized for your family’s needs. If we don’t see a need for certain functions, we don’t expect you to.

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