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    Sam Palmer

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    Is working from home working for you?

    Working from home was not an option for most of us before 2020. The friends I had that did have flexible working hours and days were always looked upon by me as the lucky ones.

    All of a sudden most of us now find ourselves in the position we have begged for over the years. Is it all you thought it would be or do you long to be back in an office environment?

    For me, I am somewhere in the middle. As I approach month 7 of working from home I find myself longing for human interaction again. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have now operated my company on a different continent for the majority of the year. I’m thankful for the technology available that allows me to keep doing my job, If it wasn’t for Zoom and FaceTime I would be out of business.

    Recruitment is very much a face to face business and It is harder to build rapport with candidates and clients over a video link. It’s also very hard to train staff and hold important meetings. Some of the best ideas come from having a chat at a colleague’s desk when you are evaluating a deal that went wrong.

    I am not complaining as I now get to spend more time with my family. I think though I would prefer a happy medium of flexible working days. Still coming in to train staff and build togetherness while having the option of staying home and working when needed.

    We are all getting used to the new normal but some of us still long for the same old.

    Sam Palmer

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